"Trull blends thoughtful, often times existential, lyricism with gentle, alt-country/folk melodies. Whether about returning to a familiar place, relationships, or something deeper, Trull’s vocals, which recall one of my favorite bands, North Carolina’s The Connells, are earnest, familiar and comforting."

-The Daily Country


"Though it begins with the bright and hopeful lyric “make me the rainbow,” David Trull’s “Dark Magic” quickly becomes a story of lost youth and uncertainty. Discussing the inability to make sense of the world, it’s apparent that David’s lyrical prowess is as spot on as his musicianship, and upon that realization, “Dark Magic” brings a smile to your face despite its somewhat grim subject matter...Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go contemplate the reason for my existence for the rest of the evening."

-Milk Craters

"David Trull’s style is the embodiment of folk music.  His songs are simple but poetic stories capturing poignant emotions, and his acoustic guitar playing adds to the feel of intimacy. This is the kind of music you might have heard around Woodstock (the place, not specifically the festival) throughout the sixties."


-Soundwaves Review


"Trull’s weighted lyricism and charmingly smooth, bluesy voice create a riveting combination of rolling gentle, yet grave tonalities that will leave you transfixed an undeniably hooked."

-Ouch That Hertz!

"Jason Isbell fans, take note: Trull’s Southern-steeped acoustic troubadour work is in the same vein as the work that Isbell is currently making hay with."

-Independent Clauses

“ 'Beautiful World,'  the first single from the album, gives us a sample of Trull’s penchant for thoughtful lyricism and melodic blend of folk with strong country and blues influences."

-MTM Indie Music Spotlight